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HMC7992 Frequency Range

Question asked by AkiraO on May 23, 2017
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I'm little bit confusing about the frequency range of HMC7992. According to the datasheet, HMC7992 is Silicon SP4T Switch for 0.1GHz to 6.0GHA. But, we can see the following description in the General Description.

"The HMC7992 has good low frequency input power handling below 0.1 GHz and can operate well down to 10 kHz,
with a typical 1 dB compression of 21 dBm (see Figure 21) and an IIP3 of 37 dBm (see Figure 22) at 1 MHz."


Does that mean we can use HMC7992 for 10kHz to 0.1GHz, but it is not guarantee?



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