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Question about ADF7242 SPI communication

Question asked by GTG_I+D on May 23, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2017 by CanLiu

Hello everyone,


Since we are starting developing an SPI communication with your ADF7242 device, with its EVAL-ADF7242-PMDZ. We are a little bit stucked in SPI communication between a master CHEETAH SPI from Totalphase and your device as slave.


We attached several files like CHEETAH GUI image, where you can check our SPI configuration like Freq, Mode, bitOrder..., and a consolelog.ods with the .csv data from the CHEETAH GUI which includes commands sent and responses get by your device.


Surprisingly we've been working great with state command, however when we've tried with writing and reading commands we found an erratic performing between the master command from MOSI  SPI_MEM_WR in BBRAM in 0x13E address which is your default example (we've just change 3E for 3F) at ADF7242 datasheet's page 78 and just exactly the same at the next page 79, for reading command SPI_MEM_RD example.


We don't know already if there is any block or proccess underground which blocks our writing/reading lectures. We have discarded SPI connections and we check with an oscilloscope if data was wrong in the SPI bus. And seems all is ok.


I hope you'll send us in the right way!!!


Thank you very much!