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AD9789 retimer setting for DCODIV=32

Question asked by IB-Mulka on May 23, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2017 by danf

Dear All,


I am using the AD9789 in LVDS SDR mode with DCO clock = fDACCLK/32 (DCODIV = 010 in register 0x22). It looks so that the retimer table are not usable in that mode. The standard mode is DCODIV=16.


I have to configure the latency, DSC and SNC values. If I use the DCODIV=16 mode then the table works as expected, but in case of DCODIV=32 mode it has some strange behaviour and I get it not running for my timing (latency of data to frame pulse).


Please, can someone give me a few hints.


Thanks and kind regards