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Can I use TX2, RX2 channel when AD9361 is in 1x1 mode?

Question asked by allen.yang on May 22, 2017
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We are using AD9361 chip in 1x1 (1 tx, 1 rx) mode, not 2x2 mode. I am wondering if TX2, RX2 channels can be used for 1x1 mode.


We have a working board which uses TX1, RX1 channel. But the new board uses TX2, RX2 channels for board layout reason (it's easier to use TX2, RX2 to route the traces). I am currently having hard time on making it work.


I checked AD9361 SDK. In ad9361_api.c, there is a function:

int32_t ad9361_set_tx_attenuation (struct ad9361_rf_phy *phy,
                                   uint8_t ch, uint32_t attenuation_mdb)
    int32_t ret;
    int32_t channel;


    if ((phy->pdata->rx2tx2 == 0) && (ch == TX2)) {
        printf("%s : TX2 is an invalid option in 1x1 mode!\n", __func__);
        return -1;


    channel = ad9361_1rx1tx_channel_map(phy, true, ch);
    ret = ad9361_set_tx_atten(phy, attenuation_mdb,
            channel == 0, channel == 1,


    return ret;



It says "TX2 is an invalid option in 1x1 mode!". However, I didn't find the similar statement in AD9361 datasheet. Is it a hardware limitation or a software limitation?


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