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HMC6300/01 SPI programming and initialization

Question asked by Benjamin.Brammer on May 22, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2017 by Benjamin.Brammer

Hi Guys,

for a custom board I am using the the HMC6300/01 chips and was wondering if there exist any special programming order for the registres. So far I haven't found anything about it in the manual or here in the discussions.
so do I just start from Register 0-23?

And what I still don't get, how is it possible to send 8 bits over SPI and deassert the CS in the middle of the process (after 2-Bits). Normally I do this kind of transmission with DMA. So there is no possibility to stop after a non 8-Bit related transfer.

Since I use an STM32 for the SPI acces It is possible to set the payload in 9-Bits and I hope this will work.


best regards