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ADAS3022 Input Signal Range

Question asked by teap on May 22, 2017
Latest reply on May 30, 2017 by Gnib

a question regarding the ADAS3022 analog input signal voltage ranges (IN+ to GND & IN- to GND) for the various gain settings.


Obviously a fully differential anti-phase differential input signal setup for e.g. the GAIN = 0.4 (+-10.24V Differential Input Voltage Range) would be: IN+ (to GND) range = IN- (to GND) range = -5.12V to +5.12V, with IN+ = -IN- all the time.


The data sheet also provides an example for Differential, Nonantiphase signals with Zero Common Mode.
For example take the Gain = 0.4 setting (+-10.24V Differential Input Voltage Range).
According to Fig. 58 (Differential, Nonantiphase Signals with a Zero Common Mode), the following scenario would also be fine with the ADAS3022: IN+ range to GND = IN- range to GND = -5.12V to +5.12V,
while the two input signals are allowed to take ANY voltage level in the range for an indefinite time. For example: IN+ may be +5.12V (to GND) and IN- may also be +5.12V (to GND) at the same time (rejected common mode volatage = +5.12V).


But the data sheet gives no example for Differential, Nonantiphase Signals with a Nonzero Common Mode.
Does the ADAS3022 support Differential, Nonantiphase Signals with a Nonzero Common Mode?
If so, please give an example.

E.g. what solution does the ADAS3022 provide with an example like in Data Sheet Fig. 58, but with both IN+ and IN- shifted upward by +5.12V?


Thank you.