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Question about EVAL-ADL5304

Question asked by Kazu on May 22, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2017 by Kazu

Hi All,


I can not get correct VLOG output as follows.

INUM=0A --> VLOG=90mV

INUM=1nA --> VLOG=90.1mV

INUM=10nA --> VLOG=90.1mV

INUM=100nA --> VLOG=90.1mV

INUM=1uA --> VLOG=90.1mV

INUM=10uA --> VLOG=90.4mV

INUM=160uA --> VLOG=1.935V

INUM=1.6mA --> VLOG=2.135V

VPOS=5V(Drycell battery), VNEG=0V, Eval Board: Default condition, Please refer to the attached photo.

What is wrong do you think?


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