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Sinchronizing several AD9364

Question asked by Orlando on May 22, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2017 by sripad

Dear Sir,

I want to use 3 synchronised units of AD9364 on my design (always on RX mode). All of them:

  • will use the same reference frequency (40MHz)
  • will work at a 50MHz sampling frequency
  • will be synchronised by a common signal sent to H5 (SYNCH_IN), as shown in chapter "BASEBAND SYNCHRONIZATION" on page  83/120 of AD9364 Reference Manual (UG-673)
  • will send the RX sampled data to the same FPGA.

My questions, with this configuration...:

  1. will signals DATA_CLK and RX_FRAME from the 3 AD9364 be absolutely synchronised?
  2. can I use signals DATA_CLK and RX_FRAME from just one of the AD9364 to provide RX data sampling timing for the whole system (the 3 AD9364 chips).

As you can guess, my intention is to simplify PCB design. I want only to route lines DATA_CLK and RX_FRAME from just one of the AD9364 to the FPGA.





Orlando Peña