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RMS calculations

Question asked by Bhargavteja on May 20, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2017 by dave.smith


I am using ADE7816 along with the EVB. I want to get the rms values of voltage and current for every 2ms. I had some questions regarding this :

In the user manual, you mentioned :

         The ADE7816 provides rms measurements on the six current channels and the voltage channel simultaneously. These measurements have a settling time of approximately 440 ms with the integrator off and 500 ms with the integrator on. The registers are updated every 125 μs. The rms value is measured over a 2 kHz bandwidth.

a) What is the 2KHz Bandwidth ?

b) Are the rms registers update for every 125us ? If yes how was the caluculation of rms done ?(done using instantaneous samples ?(how many and how much duration ?))

c) What do you mean by settling time ?