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AD7190: using two references, two NOREF / ERR?

Question asked by Dan-G on May 19, 2017
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We have an application where we plan to use both REFin1 and REFin2, where REFin1 is used for a differential measurement on AIN1/2, and REFin2 for a differential measurement for AIN3/4.


Question1:  If I lose one of the references, do I get a NOREF for only the channel being measured?


The datasheet claims the conversion results will be clamped to all 1's on a NOREF. 

Question2:  Will this clamping only occur on the data coming from the channel whose reference is low?


If I have an "overvoltage" (say my ref is 2.5V and I put 4V across AIN1/2), the ERR bit should be set and the data should be all 1's (all 0's if I swap AIN1/2 pins around; fake "negative").

Question3:  Will this ERR only be present for that channel whose input is overvolt?


Thank you!