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AD9959 - Problems Writing to Register

Question asked by Lunaarz on May 19, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2017 by vandenplas

I am working with an AD9959 and an Arduino Uno in manual mode. On the oscilloscope screen, i have  SYNC_CLK and Channel 0 connected. 


I am trying to write code to access the different DDS registers. I have not successfully done this before. All I want to do is enable the multiplier which should cause the SYNC_CLK output frequency to increase. It is currently running at 25Mhz. 


I have attached my code below for review. I have attempted to run this code, but there is not change on my oscilloscope screen.


Is there something or some command that I am missing that is preventing me from successfully changing the multiplier? I know my commands are being sent and that SPI communication is active because I have checked the bit stream directly on the oscilloscope. So neither of these things should be an issue.