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AD9691 Lanes Per Link

Question asked by smburk81 on May 19, 2017
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I'm having trouble following what is considered a Link in the AD9691.  On page 49 of the datasheet:

The AD9691 has one JESD204B link. The device offers an easy

way to set up the JESD204B link through the quick configuration

register (Register 0x570). The serial outputs (SERDOUT0+/-} to

SERDOUT3+/-}) are considered to be part of one JESD204B link.

Note that only SERDOUT0-3 are mentioned.  What about SERDOUT4-7?  Are these part of the one JESD204B link, or are these considered a second link?


Similarly, on pg 44 of the datasheet:

The AD9691 JESD204B data transmit block maps up to two

physical ADCs or up to eight virtual converters (when DDCs

are enabled) over a link. A link can be configured to use one,

two, or four JESD204B lanes.

This statement only accounts for 4 of the 8 SERDOUT pairs.  Does this mean that there are actually 2 links of up to 4 lanes??

This statement seems to be in conflict with the statement from page 1:

Users can configure the Subclass 1 JESD204B-based high speed

serialized output in a variety of one-, two-, four- or eight-lane




Also, Pg 44 also states:

L is the number of lanes per converter device (lanes per

link) (AD9691 value = 1, 2, or 4)

However, Table 25 on pg 49 shows L = 1,2,4 or 8.


One further comment from page 69.  Register 0x58B, bits 2:0 show the L setting.  Value 111 is stated as indicating "7 lanes".  Surely this actually indicates 8 lanes??