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How to Reduce Current Consumption in ADUCM330 in Hibernate Mode?

Question asked by abkakar on May 18, 2017
Latest reply on May 19, 2017 by Holger

Hello Everyone!


We are using ADuCM330 for our BSC project. We are using LIN Wake-up and Wake-Up Timer to wake-up the core from Hibernate mode and during Hibernate Mode the current consumption is about 0.47mA but according to the datasheet it is less than 100 micro A. 
If we disable the LIN Wake-up and only use the Wake-Up Timer, then the current consumption reduce to 0.16mA. But LIN wake-up is our requirement.

Can you guys verify this current consumption.?

Does LIN frame take so much current.?

Is there any way to reduce current consumption during Hibernate Mode while still using LIN wake-up.?


P.S. In our case we already made GP0PUL=0x00 and disable the ADC before going to Hibernate Mode.