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AD605&AD8332 overshoot

Question asked by project on May 18, 2017
Latest reply on May 30, 2017 by jstaley

Hi.Our team is developing new products on ultrasonic testing. We chose AD605 as the receiver VGA chip. However, we met a problem as the picture shows: Ultrasonic pulse would make the receiver overshoot although we have designer protection circuit before AD605. To deal with this problem, we found to solutions:1. disconnect the pulser, the protection circuit, let the waveform generator connect with AD605 directly, the waveform generator output square waveform smaller than the AD605 input range, as we increase gain, the overshoot come; 2. we bought ad8332 evk board as we thought it was the slew rate that AD605 Smaller than AD8332. Test like above description, finally, we found the overshoot just like the AD605 shows.


Could you please help us finding out why this happened and how to solve this problem.Thank you so much.