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HD video filters as DDS output filter

Question asked by ShalomJ on May 18, 2017
Latest reply on May 22, 2017 by mcee

DDS is very powerful and digitally simple device .


The problem is the output filter.


I don't see any application note that suggests  ADA4432 ( Video SD filter with gain and good filter )  as  output filter for AD9833 with max 25Mhz clock..


I am going use AD9834C at 75Mhz clock and need output filter.
As a filter i think about FMS6364A (Four Channel Standard & High Definition (SD &HD)Video Filter Driver .


The  flatness  looks good enough  and minimum 40dB attenuation at 74,25Mhz
Cascading 2 drivers will give very sharp filter.


Had any one experience with HD video filters with DDS?