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ADE7880 Neutral and Ground Connection

Question asked by yigit.topcu on May 18, 2017
Latest reply on May 23, 2017 by dlath

Hi all,

I am currenly working on a single phase energy meter with harmonic analysis capabilities for appliance identification. I have choosen CT Clamp sensors for current detection. I am using evaluation board as a refrence design but i have some doubts about voltage sensing.

I realized that the recommended application is to use Neutral line as Ground but i have concerns about it. Is it really safe to use neutral line to connect all decoupling capacitors, crystals and mcu gnd pin. 

How can i isolate Neutral GND plane from MCU and other external components without using an optoisolator ic?

Is it possible to isolate ADE from mains power using a Voltage Transformer or AC/DC converter?

Please, could you share some schematis and/or layout examples other than the evaluation board.

Thank you in advance,