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how to program AD9914 in direct mode for phase and amplitude??

Question asked by sreevastav on May 18, 2017
Latest reply on May 22, 2017 by JLKeip


my aim is to generate a wave of 771 Mhz with a phase of 60 degrees and an amplitude of -20 dB using AD9914 .

and i want to program ad9914 in DIRECT MODE.


for the generation of   771 Mhz i have loaded the FTW register with the value X"3864A502". and i am perfectly getting the output 771 Mhz ,but the problem is i am not able to change the phase and amplitude of the output signal.

to change the phase and amplitude ,should i use CFR_1 and CFR_2 registers ?? to enable OSK and parallel port streaming bit??........if so how to change the values of CFR_1 and CFR_2 registers in direct mode ?? and i know function pins should be set to "0100" to change the phase and amplitude.and when should i update the IO_UPDATE pin ??whether after loading the FTW or after loading both FTW and POW and amplitude??


it would be a great help to me if u provide the code for the generation of the output signal with above mentioned specifications  in  DIRECT MODE  in VHDL or veilog......