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How can I make the circuit analysis and the simulation for AD620 RFI Design

Question asked by Levir on May 18, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2017 by Emman.A

I Have done the attachment electronic circuit as shown in the figure.
I would like to know how to do the analysis of the electronic circuit to

chek the the filter frequencies.


The filter frequency in common mode and the
differential mode, and I also would like to know
how to make a simulation to check the specifications
of the design frequencies. (Common mode and diferential mode)

The design frequancies of the filter were the fallowing:
diferential mode: 25 Hz and common mode 3 kHz.
That specifications were made according to the Datasheet.

Any answer is going to be very welcome, and thankyou for
any answer.

Actually I´m thinking in make a superposition analisys or look
like a separate inputs for each input like a individual LPF for
the diferential mode, but I still have doubts with that and
the way to test in the simulation.


I am working in Proteus but I also have Multisim.

The power supply is for -12 and +12 volts with a Gain 

of 750 and an input of 6.67 mV to achieve the maximum

value of 5 volts.


The application was for a load cell in a Weighing scale and
it worked very good, only I Have those questions to improve
a little more my justification and not only the equations or other calculus.