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AD7367 dummy data need to read out?

Question asked by sss on May 17, 2017
Latest reply on May 19, 2017 by jcolao

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Datasheet Rev. D Page 17 @ AD7367, it say following.
Channel selection is made via the ADDR pin, as shown in Table 9.
The logic level on the ADDR pin is latched on the rising edge of the BUSY signal for the next conversion, not the one in progress.

When power is first supplied to the AD7367, the default channel selection is VA1 and VB1.


Our question is, 

When changing the channel from default ( VA1, ADDR0) to ( VA2, ADDR1),
with the AD7367, is the dummy conversion required, before valid data can be read from the DOUT pins?
and reading out the dummy data is required once time?
or only reading the valid data ?


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