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Info of how to get resolution auto-detected and read in 7604. Also parallel detection of HDMI or VGA source

Question asked by rohitr on Oct 5, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2011 by rohitr

Hi Li


I am not able to get the detection even if we do the STDI and SSPD setting as per previous discussion posts. This is continuation to it. Can you please let us know what should be set so that we can try that. You can assume that this is the only setting that will be done when the code starts. I would like to check which source got plugged (HDMi or VGA) and in set accordingly. Later on when I am for example processing HDMI, how do I know if VGA got plugged. Basically it would be nice if I can get the ADV7604 to generate an interrupt for the same so that my code can read some register and see if the source is connected.