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Mixer HMC219B LO Level

Question asked by DarioM on May 16, 2017
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I am designing a up-converter from L-Band to C-Band (950 MHz-1800 MHz, to 5.85-6.75 GHz), and i choose the HMC219B mixer, and the ADF4355-2 at 4.9GHz as LO.


Reading the mixer datasheet, i see all graphs and information at a 13 dBm level LO, but the ADF4355 can provide only 5 dBm as much. This level of 13 dBm, is only a "suggested" level, or a required level? Can i use it with 5 dBm o i must to amplify that level to work well? I can't find in Analog a mixer in that band and less level LO.


Thanks in advance for your help.