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Difference between AD6688 and AD9208 ?

Question asked by spraju87 on May 16, 2017
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Recently ADI has released two new ADCs : AD6688 and AD9208. Both are dual channel 14 bit ADCs @ 3GSPS. Even the pin outs are the same and also the package. Most of the RF spec and JESD204B data rates supported also seem to be the same. The only difference I see is in the block diagram AD6688, which has more down conversion blocks than AD9208. 


So, it would be very helpful if someone could tell me what exactly is the difference (in terms of functionality - bandwidth, data rates etc) between these two ADCs apart from the number of down conversion blocks ? Also, does AD6688 support sending base-band signal of both channels at 3GSPS over JESD interface or does it support only down converted signal ?