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ADG1434(YRUZ) Over-voltage Issue

Question asked by wangjj on May 16, 2017
Latest reply on May 16, 2017 by Davidforde

We are using ADG1434(YRUZ) biased at +15V for Vdd, -15V for Vss. The power input for the chip is from an APS rated at +/-15V and +5V with 10% trim (min). 

During our experiment, we use several sets of chips, and one set of the chips was burned.

We tried to find the root cause and below is the possible cause:

Power supply voltage limit for the mux chip: +/- 16.5V

Auxiliary power supply (APS) output voltage: +/- 15V

APS output voltage trim: +/- 10% = + / - 16.5V

But we can not find further information about the chip under over voltage condition from the datasheet. Can anyone help to provide the information?