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Aardvark programming SigmaDSP without EVAL-ADUSB2EBZ

Question asked by Sinteck on Oct 5, 2011

Burned my programmer EVAL-ADUSB2EBZ, I found the solution to generate the file. HEX for programming with Aadvark or other EEprom programmer.


1- Loading file .dspproj    (schematic)


2- In Hardware configuration:


Selection: USBi programmer

                 I2C 0x68 (104) - ADAU1701 (example)

                 I2C 0xA0 (160) - E2prom

3- Click in Link Compile Download

     A USB communication failure has  occured.  (no problem).


4- In Hardware configuration:

Selection ADAU1701 right mouse click option (Write Lastest Compilation to E2prom)

Generator \IC2 folder in project com E2prom.HEX file.


5- Enter in config - IC2 WinE2PromLoader

Click download file to E2prom

Browser -   \IC2 folder with E2prom.HEX file

Click Display file:


Click in all text and control+C for copy:



Instalation WinHEX   text editor


Selection FILE + NEW    16Kb: 




In offset position 00000000 + press control+V

Click OK

Selection ASCII HEX format

Figure final:



   File save name.txt in folder


OPen Flash Center TotalPhase  Aardvark software

Configure your E2prom


Click in load file


Select : name.txt in Load file

Check hex positions values  e write