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IQ Mixer or IQ Demodulator and BB BW?

Question asked by hoo on May 15, 2017
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1. My first time design a ZIF receiver,should i use a IQ mixer or IQ demodulator to easy my design?

2. the latest AD9208 is dual channel ADC with maxim sample rate 3Gsps,so the maxim instant BW = 3GHz in IQ mode.I need instant BW 2.4GHz,which means i need a IQ demodulator  with BaseBand BandWidth >1.2GHz. right?

3.the latest demodulator ADRF6821 has BB BW 500MHz,not fit the requirement of 1.2GHz BW,any other IQ demodulator chips for my design?


Any reply would be helpful to me,thanks in advance.