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In EL1883ISZ , How to choose the RSET value for VGA timings ??

Question asked by tendulkar.selvam on May 15, 2017
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Dear sir,

Part No : EL1883ISZ (Manufacturer : Intersil)

I want to calculate / choose the RSET value for below timings(VGA timings for 640 pixes X 480 pixes ,refresh rate = 60Hz)

1.Horizontal Line frequency = 31.469 KHz
2.Horizontal SYNC polarity = Negative
3.Active video = 24.422 usec


1.Total time for each frame = 16.683 msec
                                              =60Hz(refresh rate)
2.Vertical SYNC polarity = Negative
3.Vertical Lines =480
SYNC pulse length = 0.064msec


For VGA timing standards ,Plz refer link given in attachment


For above mentioned timings I want to choose the accurate RSET value.


VGA timings ref :Video Graphics Array - Wikipedia 

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