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(ADV7611)Noise issue.

Question asked by donadona999s on May 15, 2017
Latest reply on May 22, 2017 by donadona999s

Hi !


Our customer are using ADV7611 for RSU(Rear seat unit) for automotive.

They started mass-production already.


As I attached, some kind of noise appears at their application.


Sometime kind of sand storm appears.

They already made 4000units and more than 17units failed(This problem appeared)

25deg is the worst condition.

At more higher or lower Temperature symptom will improved.

They already checked HDMI source eye-pattern but there was no problem.

They input 400mVpp TMDS at their application and this problem appear.

If they change to 1000mVpp , the problem will improve.


Also they write equalizer setting as I attached , the problem turn worst.


Also they tried Free run mode but there was no problem.

So they think some thing is wrong at ADV7611  equalizer.



If set up 

68 8D 04

68 8E 1E

what will happen inside of ADV7611?



Can our customer use manual equalizer setting?

If they can, can you show how to set up it?



Do you have any advice to this issue?


Best regards.