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ADV748X vs. ADV7613

Question asked by HelenBeh on May 15, 2017
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I have a few questions regarding the ADV748X and ADV7613. I have attached the specs and block diagram flow for references of my customer's project.

It is a HDMI to LCD application involving scaler and some drivers.


1. I can't seem to get the spec differences between ADV7480, 7481 and 7482. Besides number of lanes for their output paths, any feature should I take note based on my application?


2. Does ADV748X support audio stereo of 2.6W ?


3. Does this chip able to perform/support the Scaler to the output setting, as stated below, the LCD output is 1280x480.



4. Is there any CSI-2 to LVDS converter from ADI based on my customer's application?


5. Based on ADV7613, I believe I do not need a LVDS converter based on the spec... Any advise on this comparing to ADV748X?