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AD9371 Reset via FMC Using API

Question asked by trushed on May 12, 2017
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I am currently using the API provided for the AD9371 to develop a bare metal application using a ZC706 carrier.  It appears that some functionality in the API depends on functionality provided by a Linux OS.  However, since I am running bare metal I have encountered some issues.  One of those issues is related to resetting via HPC FMC.


The function CMB_hardReset() uses both CMB_regRead() and CMB regWrite() functions.  Both of these functions use a function called fpgaAxiReadWrite().  I understand that the user is responsible for developing this particular function, but I need some guidance.  Both CMB_regRead() and CMB_regWrite() accept a memory offset that appears to be relative to /dev/uio0, which is not available in my bare metal application.  Which I think means that uio index 0 is assumed to be the HPC FMC (J37), which would have a corresponding base address.  Please correct me if I am wrong.


How do I go about determining a suitable replacement for Linux dependent functions CMB_regWrite() and CMB_regRead()?