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How to allow Matlab to libIIO communication on custom board

Question asked by neowt on May 12, 2017
Latest reply on May 16, 2017 by travisfcollins


    My setup:

       Vivado 2016.2

       Matlab 2015b

       PicoZed SDR

       Custom Zynq + AD9361  PCB

       ADI Linux from Github


I am designing a new PCB based on based on PicoZed SDR but with different peripherals.  I would like to use Matlab to develop the baseband algorithms and use radio-in-the-loop testing on my custom board (Matlab + Zynq + AD9361).


Can anyone advise me how to:

   1. start from scratch to build Linux, drivers and apps 


   2. modify existing images


to allow Matlab to communicate with my custom board correctly?