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HMC197B switching rate

Question asked by martin.schle on May 12, 2017
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for an academic research project I need a very fast RF switch with low insertion loss in order to modulate (On/Off keying) a 2.4GHz carrier. The HMC197 switch seems to be a good fit for this job as it shows an IL of 0.4dB and a rise/fall time of 3ns.

However, I am not quite sure what would be the maximum switching rate that can be achieved with this switch. Is it 1/(tON+tOFF) = 50MHz? In addition, there is only a typical value given for the switching speed characteristics.

Also, I wonder whether the maximum input power for hot switching (20dBm) has to be reduced further when it comes to switching with a high rate (say, 20MHz).

Please note that since this is for academic research an not for production, it's OK to push the device to it's limits.


I would be grateful for any advice you might be able to give me.


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