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Is ADF4106 a fractional PLL?

Question asked by sinan.onat on May 12, 2017
Latest reply on May 23, 2017 by sinan.onat

I would like to generate CW signals at 1030 MHz, 1087 MHz, 1090 MHz and 1093 MHz, respectively. As my operating temperature starts from -55C, I am limited by only ADF4106-EP in Analog Devices product palette. As the reference input is specified as minimum 20 MHz, I plan to input this IC with 50 MHz HCMOS reference. Hence I need fractional multiplier coefficients as 20.6, 21.74, 21.8 and 21.86, respectively. Does this part allow me to set these coefficients? If so, what shall the values A, B, N, P (and possibly R)? Also, how those values are set?

From the answer, I hope I will be able to figure out whether I will be able to set PLL to 1029.9 and 1030.1 MHz also, which is a matter of the resolution after the prescaler / counter.

Unfortunately there is not any example or direction or any application procedure to program this IC.