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2.4 GHz Low Power Multi-Channel Transceivers for replacing AS3940

Question asked by GTG_I+D on May 11, 2017
Latest reply on May 18, 2017 by SteveH

Good afternoon everyone.

I am Juan Domingo. I work at GTG Ingenieros, in Spain.

A few years ago we designed an electronic board with the AS3940, a 2.4 GHz Low Power Multi-Channel FSK Transceiver from Austria Microsystems. Below datasheet of this chip is attached.

We currently have a problem, because this chip is out of production. We need to find an equivalent chip, or as similar as possible, valid for new designs, to update this board.

Does Analog Devices have 2.4 GHz Low Power Multi-Channel Transceivers that can replace the AS3940 from Austria Microsystems?

In our searches on the internet, we have found references of the ADF7242. Can you inform us if this chip is valid to use instead of the AS3940?.


Thanks and best regards.