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ZC706 RadioVerse Windows TES

Question asked by dacostadinis on May 11, 2017
Latest reply on May 18, 2017 by Vinod


We downloaded the last version of the Windows SD installation to use in the ZC706 + Radio Verse with Windows TES. We did some experiments, and basically, we are experiencing some problems in both the Tx chains. With default TX attenuation (0dB), non-linear spurs in whole the spectrum (principally in the signal's bandwidth) can be seen. This happens either with CW or with modulated signal directly from TES GUI. As soon as we increase the attenuation, the spectrum becomes cleaner, but they just disappear totally with almost 30dB of attenuation. However, inherently, you are reducing our dynamic range.


I also experimented with the LINUX installation (with GUI and with LibIIO) in the same board and the same problems were not experienced anymore.  


Any comment?


Thank you so much,

Daniel Dinis