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Disabling ObsRx channel causes initArm to fail

Question asked by themarker on May 11, 2017
Latest reply on May 15, 2017 by gverma

We are trying to disable ObsRx by setting

mykonosObsRxSettings_t.defaultObsRxChannel = OBS_RXOFF


However, this causes MYKONOS_initArm() to fail when it calls MYKONOS_loadAdcProfiles() with error MYKONOS_ERR_LOAD_ADCPROFILE_MISSING_ORX_PROFILE.  From what I've seen in the code, we provide a valid ObsRx profile, however the function MYKONOS_verifyProfiles() will never mark it as valid because the channel is set to OBSRX_OFF.  MYKONOS_loadAdcProfiles() uses the valid flag to determine if an ObsRx profile exists and subsequently fails.  


How are we supposed to disable the ObsRx channel through the API?