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HMC7044 product ID

Question asked by gavint on May 11, 2017
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I am accessing an HMC7044 over the SPI interface. I have a question about the product ID value. According to the datasheet, product ID should be:

Address 0x0078: 0x51

Address 0x0079: 0x16

Address 0x007A: 0x30


The values that I am reading are different from my device:

Address 0x0078: 0x01

Address 0x0079: 0x52

Address 0x007A: 0x04


I am able to read and write to other locations in the device register map and these registers match the expected values. So I am unsure why the product ID would be read back incorrectly?


Can someone please confirm that the product ID is correct in the datasheet?