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Max recommended Rx input power of -14dBm for AD9371

Question asked by Seruvankai on May 11, 2017
Latest reply on May 16, 2017 by Vinod

Hi ,

I am using AD9371 for my LTE Local area BS application. My Receiver front end is having a NF of 4dB and Gain of 17dB. I am not using any variable attenuator in the design. For meeting the sensitivity level  i am planning to use RX attenuation =0dB (corresponds to 17dB RX gain) in AD9371. For handling blocker of -35dBm i am planning to use RX attenuation =13dB (corresponds to 4dB RX gain) in AD9371. It has mentioned in the data sheet that  ADI recommends -14dBm as maximum input to receiver. Whether they are mentioning this at the IC pin or at the ADC input? Whether i need to consider average or peak power of my modulated signal as -14dBm? How i can use digital gain mentioned for AD9371? Why the below plot is showing more than -14dBm as Rx input power?