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migrating to CCES from VDSP++ ::caution 01

Question asked by bookevg on May 11, 2017

I can try to blogging my migrating to CCES from VDSP++.

I have VDSP++ project which use C++.

Now I did the superfast interrupt handlers in CCES my peripheries work well (about this I blog later).

When I started my project I noticed ( that fract C win class fract C++ so I decided use built-in functions because I want to take fract support in C++ with maximum performance.

At that time I noticed next:

int x = 0.5r; // x = 0x40000000

and I started it to use I'm my project.

I declared the variable as integer but I used built-in functions  so I got fract support in C++.

But when I am migrating to CCES from VDSP++ I want to start my project with minimum modifications

must know the paragraph "Data Type Conversions and Fixed-Point Types".

So now I must use Bit-Pattern Conversion Functions: bitsfx and fxbits:

int x = bitsr(0.5r); // x = 0x40000000