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Using HMC980 with LNA that requires Vg between -4.5 to -5.0 V

Question asked by horgan on May 10, 2017
Latest reply on May 29, 2017 by kkaya

I would like to use the HMC980 active bias controller to power an LNA that requires a drain voltage of +4.5V, and a gate voltage between -4.5V and -5V. That gate voltage is below the -4V absolute minimum spec of the HMC980. Furthermore, the AN-1363 application note states (pg10) "It is recommended to configure the HMC980LP4E for VNEG values greater than -3.5V". 


I've read other questions on the engineer zone that discuss using an external Op-Amp to create voltages higher than -2.5V.  Can a similar approach be taken to safely generate more negative voltages that would be suitable for my application?


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Kevin Horgan