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How to load SHARC app without writing it into flash memory

Question asked by havran on May 10, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2017 by Aaronwu

Hello again,

for testing purposes I need to load SHARC application without writing it into flash memory (and without using ICE-1000). I tried three ways so far:

1) Deal with DXE file and load it into system memory by Linux application (mmap L1 and L2 memories and copy program headers there) and restart core - similar to questions Load the multi-core MCAPI apps by boot ROMSC-58x dynamically loading SHARC from ARM  and ADSP-SC589: Is it possible to boot DSPs from Linux Application?  - unfortunatelly without success.

2) Boot LDR (Linux + SHARC application) file from uart (Power-On Reset) - boot mode was selected via switch SW1. I tried send LDR file via all protocols supported by minicom, but except ASCII protocol no data was sent (USB to UART Activity LEDs were not blinking).

3) I found ENUM_ROM_BCMD_DEVICE_MEMORY enumeration for boot modes in file include/defSC589.h - what does it mean, is it possible to load LDR file into system memory and boot from it (via ROM API)? ROM API works fine for me for SPI flash memory, but I dont know how to set it up to boot from another peripheral.