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Problems about HMC960LP4E

Question asked by eastliver on May 10, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2017 by eastliver

Hi there!

I have token a part in a project, where a VGA chip named HMC960LP4E was selected. I have drawed a PCB according to hmc960lp4e_eval_pcb_schematic. However, I cannot see the Varible Gain form the chip. Actually, I just want to control the gain by the parallel ports without SPI. So I utilised the default value in the registersinstead of changing them via SP
I bus. What's worse, the signal with power -30dBm found  its power reduced to -65dBm after through the chip. I have teste d both software and hardware for many times. But the result was always that bad without any gain. I have no idea about this. Thanks fort your answer.