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About Sigmastudio Higherorder butterworth Coefficient calculation question

Question asked by hushan on May 10, 2017

sorry to trouble you! 

before, I get The document <<FilterMathcalculations>>from your  technical support,But I find many Bug when I use it .I hope  to get your,I need design a Butterworth 18 db/oct  and  Butterworth 24 db/oct Filter.The Butterworth HighOrder formula you support is like this,
Butterworth HighOrder

but when I use Butterworth 18dB/oct ,use orderindex=3,i=0, Calculate the coefficient is different from the sigmastudio and write the coefficient on SIGMADSP ,it does'nt I really want get the right formula from your company as soon as possible .Looking forward to receive your professional answer!

Best wishes,thank you !