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The AD9361 output frequency is not correct

Question asked by Hwzhang on May 9, 2017
Latest reply on May 28, 2017 by anki

Now I use AD9361 to do Tx function. Mainly I connect the  AD9361 to FPGA, using the SPI to control the ENSM,and use the FPGA to configure the registers. I have successfuly made the Rx function. But Tx function was failed. I made this configurations: single Tx, TDD mode, COMS dual port. Mainly the output LO frequency is not correct. When I configure the LO frequency 200MHz,but the output LO frequency is about 608MHz;when i configure it 1GHz, but the output is about 2.422GHz. The output LO frequency seem only about the register 0x005. What problem I faced?  The blew pictures are the two frequency output.

 set to 200MHz  ,  but output 608MHz

set to1GHz ,  but output 2.422GHz


I really need your help!Thanks!