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Loading firmware with ADAU1761 in raspberry pi 3

Question asked by collin_wu on May 9, 2017
Latest reply on May 22, 2017 by DaveThib

I put adau1761.bin to the /lib/firmware and set 3 drivers snd_soc_adau17x1,snd_soc_adau1761, snd_soc_adau1761_i2c as kernel module. In the device tree I add device at i2c bus 1




            reg = <0x38>



After system boot-up use command "modprobe snd_soc_adau1761_i2c" . dmesg can see;

adau1761 1-0038 codec register 1-0038

adau1761 1-0038 ASoC: dai register 1-0038

adau1761 1-0038 ASoC: dynamically register DAI 1-0038

adau1761 1-0038 ASoC: Registered DAI 'adau-hifi'

adau1761 1-0038 ASoC: Registered codec 'adau1761.1-0038'

The logs show no problem, but the real thing is I measure the waveform from i2c bus 1. No signal on the bus???

The codec function is not work. I double if no signals on the i2c bus why the logs can not show anything about fail of loading firmware? how to make sure loading firmware, adau1761.bin, is success ?


Please help me to solve this problem , thank you..