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AD9834 high frequency low amplitude output

Question asked by MarkP on Oct 3, 2011
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From my last discussion, i decide to start over with all my configuration and I think it was a firmware problem because now I can generate low and medium frequencies.


Now the problem is that in frequencies greater than 1Mhz, the ad9834 output is with less amplitude. I was reading some application notes and it seems that DDS works like that. While I get closer to mclk/2 the amplitudes is almost 0.  I understood right?,..


If this is correct, is there a way I can have a 37.5Mhz with a stable amplitude at the ad9834 output ?

Can I overclock the device maybe to 120Mhz or 100Mhz?

if 37.5Mhz is not possible, at least 10Mhz or 20Mhz could be generated with stable amplitude?