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Master/slave ADRF6703 phase sync

Question asked by Hirossan on May 8, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2017 by Hirossan

Hi All,


I have some questions.

1) Using 2 ADRF6703, our customer are evaluating phase sync.

    The master / slave configuration of LO enabled out put phase synchronization, but the state after power on is not 

    constant. It means that two states with 180 ° out of phase occur.


Q1. Is there a way to make the phase constant after power on state of output ?

       I think it is possible if the phase splitter (D-flip flop) is reset.

       But I can not find that option.


Q2. Does this device Auto-run in the default register state?

       They output 2.19GHz even without REF, LO connection. Why does output ?

       (In this case, only one device was used.)


Best regards,