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AD9371 Custom Profile Creation Steps

Question asked by RMahar on May 8, 2017
Latest reply on May 11, 2017 by RMahar

What is the correct process for creating custom profiles for the AD9371?


I would like to create a profile with a TX/ObsRX sample rate of 163.2MSPS, RX sample rate of 81.6MSPS, and device clock of 163.2MHz.  I created a profile using:

MATLAB Profile Generator for AD9371 [Analog Devices Wiki] 


Then loaded the custom profile into the RadioVerse TES software, which showed the correct profile information.  When I attempted to program the evaluation board, I received an error of:

      Error:259, ARM Command Error in Mykonos_setRFPLLFrequency()


What else needs to be done to create a complete profile and configuration?  How is the AD9528 control for a custom profile handled in the evaluation software?