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AD9361 Initialization error in FMCOMMS5 with Arria 10 SoC Development Kit

Question asked by dtrien on May 8, 2017

Dear Sir !

I use Nios II to control both AD9361. I downloaded no-os design example here

According to the following code in the main.c file :

   ad9361_init(&ad9361_phy, &default_init_param) ; // init for first AD9361


   #ifdef FMCOMMS5


   ad9361_init(&ad9361_phy_b, &default_init_param); // init for second AD9361


I understand that the first piece of code is for initialization AD9361 (connect with FMC-A), the second is for initialization AD9361 (connect with FMC-B).

My problem is as follows:

fist AD9361: successfully initialized

second AD9361: initialization error

Please help me solve this problem !