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Newbie can't debug ADSP-SC589 examples.

Question asked by RM_Engineer on May 7, 2017
Latest reply on May 21, 2017 by RM_Engineer

I'm trying to get a new ADSP-SC589 EZKit board up and running with CCES 2.5.1. I'm trying the following steps:


1). Select Help / Browse Examples

2). Select processor ADSP-SC589

3). Select an example (in this case, ThreeCore_SC589, but I've tried this with several examples)

4). Select the Core0 project

4). Build the project (this is successful)

5). Select dropdown arrow next to debug icon, select Debug As / Application with CrossCore Debugger

6). Select the processor (ADSP-SC589), click Next

7). Emulator is the only option, click Next

8). Then, select ADSP-SC589 via ICE-1000, click Finish

9). Click Debug


The preload file is loaded, followed by files for all three cores. "Load Complete" is reported for all files. But, at that point, nothing else happens. All of the debug related icons and reset/restart/step menu options are grayed out. I can't seem to get the debugger to do anything. The LED on the ICE is pink, if that helps any.


I'm sure I'm missing something simple, but after several hours, I can't figure out what it is. Can anyone help me out?