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Amplifier for AD7124 (24-bit ADC)

Question asked by Kimlorentz on May 6, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2017 by Emman.A

I am looking for an good amplifier solution for an AD7124.

The input of the DIFF adc is 0.1-2.5v.

Does anyone know a good setup?


My Reading voltage is:

  • DIFF input With common GND: +/-100mVdc, +/-500mVdc, +/-1vdc, +/-2.4vdc, +/-5vdc, +/-10vdc and +/-30vdc.
  • Singel-ended input: 0-100mVdc, 0-500mVdc, 0-1vdc, 0-10vdc and 0-30vdc.
  • Singel-ended input: +/-100mVdc, +/-500mVdc, +/-1vdc, +/-2.4vdc, +/-5vdc, +/-10vdc and +/-30vdc.